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 NIEUW!: Animal-friendly drinking water troughs 

The Boetech drinking water trough has many benefits:

  • Animal-friendly. No sharp corners where a cow can hurt herself.
  • Float valve in the middle. Practice shows that cows like to drink water from the sides of the trough.
  • High-flow floater. Low resistance provides maximum water flow, up to 50 ltr/minute.
  • Easy to clean. No inaccessible areas where bacteria can grow undisturbed. Thanks to the large (DN50) ball valve the trough is easy to empty.
  • Optimized drinking water surface. More drink comfort for the cow because of the shape of the trough and the compact floater.
  • Easy to install. The drinking water trough is standard supplied for wall mounting only. Optionally, a set of legs can be ordered to mount the drinking water trough on the floor.
  • Combination with a pre-cooler. Possibility to discharge pre-cooled water directly into the drinking water trough.
  • Combination with a Lely Discovery barn cleaner. At an installation height of 80cm, the Lely Discovery barn cleaner fits underneath the drinking water trough.


The drinking water trough is available in five sizes:

100 x 53 cm

120 x 53 cm

200 x 53 cm

220 x 53 cm

300 x 53 cm


Fun for the cow:

Convenient for the farmer:




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